Aquatic Chemicals

supplements we have to offer to keep your pond at its best are:


pond dye. The dyes we use are fish and human safe. Dyes will help the clarity of your pond and keep it beautiful all season long. There are 3 different colors that will give your pond a different hue depending on what look you are going for. 1 treatment lasts 30 days. 1gal treats 1 surface area. 

  • crystal blue. Is a beautiful royal blue. $39.99/gal  

  • Ocean Blue. Gives your pond a turquoise hue. Have the ocean in your back yard! $42.99/gal

  • Black out. Gives your pond a mirrored effect so the surrounding landscape is painted on the water surface. $49.99/gal

Pond booster
.  Is a mixture of crystal blue and bacteria. This formula is designed to work in colder water of spring and fall.  The bacteria in this product help settle out pond debris by breaking down dead vegetation.  $59.00/gal. 1 gal treats 1 surface acre.


Algaecides. Ponds should be treated multiple times a year to keep up on their beautiful appearance. Algae can quickly overtake a pond and it is essential to nip it in the butt before it runs rampant! Some algae are okay to keep a healthy ecosystem in the pond, but too much can be devastating to you underwater world. When you treat your pond with an algaecide it is important to treat ½ your pond at a time to keep from killing to much algae too quickly.  Killing off all the algae in your pond can disrupt oxygen levels in your pond. 

  • Copper Sulfate. Is a granular supplement that is used to control algae.  It is thrown out and lands atop the floating algae. Treat pond with the crystal every 14 days. $23.99/5lb. .3lb will treat 2,500 square feet 

  • Crystal Plex. A liquid Copper Sulfate. Kills many types of algae and some aquatic plants. Treat when algae/aquatic plants such as Hydrilla when plants are actively growing. It can remain active in a water system for up to 30 days.   Do not use in Koi ponds   $42.99/gal. 1 gallon treats 1 surface acre 1-3ft deep

 other products:

  • Pond Glass. Helps break up surface debris such as pollen and dust that can make an otherwise clean pond look not cared for.  Pond Glass breaks up these fine particles and helps them sink to the bottom. This solution works best in a pump sprayer. $38.99/gal.


  • Mosquito denial. This product breaks down the surface tension so mosquitos cannot land on the surface, instead they sink. Mosquito denial can be used in your pond, koi pond, bird bath, or any body of stagnant water.  $45.00/gal. 1 gallon will treat ½ surface acre


  • Plex Mate. Is a surfactant and is an algaecide’s and herbicide’s best friend.  It gives your chemicals an extra boost by removing the protectant coating on the plants of interest. $9.99/8oz

We are certified by the Indiana state chemist office  and keep current with our credentials that allow us to use chemicals to treat your pond. 

Aquatic Management

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