Yellow Perch


Fat Head Minnows

Large Mouth Bass

We offer a southern strain of largemouth bass that have been bred to live longer and grow larger than the northern strains. 

We advise putting large mouth bass in established ponds. If putting fingerlings in a pond with mature large mouth bass it is a good idea to have coverage such as brush for the smaller fish.

stock 150-200 LMB to 1,000 Bream

Yellow perch are a great addition to your pond that adds some variety. They spawn in the spring and lay egg ribbons.


price varies based on size and color

Gambusia Minnows

Size (in inches)        Price

3-5                            $2.00

contact for pricing


Size (in inches)        Price

4-6                            $1.50

Size (in inches)        Price

4-6                            $.50

Georgia Giant Hybrid Bream

Crappie belong to the sunfish family.  If you are a catch and eat type of person crappie is one of the best tasting fresh water fish.

We have a wide variety of koi to add color to your pond.  Our koi range from fingerlings that we hatched ourselves to large beauties that come in an array of colors. 

Great source of live feed.  Fat head minnows span from spring to fall providing your pond a great food source. suggested stocking is 3,000 minnows per acre.

Also known as Hy-Tech Specks. This species of bass is fast growing. It is a good idea to supplement with minnows or fish feed to ensure the hybrid bass will have plenty of food. This gives offspring of other species or new fingerlings you may introduce into your pond a better chance at survival.  

Grass Carp

$30.00 per 1000

Size (in inches)        Price

3-5                            $2.00

Also known as "mosquito fish" can be a very valuable addition to your pond.  Their name says it all, a main food source of this minnow is mosquito larvae. These little guys keep the pests at bay and also are a great food source for larger fish.  

If you have an established pond you can stock up to 25,000 gambusias to aid in mosquito control and food source.

* Some fish may be prohibited in your state.

We are a proud distributor of the Georgia Giant Hybrid Bream. Georgia Giant Bluegill are a Hybrid species that grow faster and become larger than the traditional bluegill.  Georgia Giants are great eaters and will flourish in your pond, especially if you aid to the food chain with minnows or fish feed. Georgia Giants can be stocked at the rate of 1,000 per acre if you do not feed nor aerate or, 2,000 to 3,000 per surface acre if fed, or up to 5,000 per acre if fed and aerated.   

Hybrid Stripe Bass

$15.00 each. minimum of 5 per order.

*these fish must be delivered.

Channel Catfish

Size (in inches)        Price

3-5                            $1.50

RECOMMENDED STOCKING RATES FOR A FEED POND: 2,000 per surface acre without aeration. 3,000 to 5,000 per surface acre with aeration. 10,000 or more per surface acre with a biological filter and aeration.

RECOMMENDED STOCKING RATES WITHOUT FEED: 100 per surface acre; and there is a much slower rate of growth

size (in inches)    price

1-2                   $.50

3-4                   $.90

5-6                   $1.25

*other sizes available upon request

Grass carp do a great job at keeping your pond clean.  These fish eat vegetation and help keep the aquatic plants under control. lifespan of a grass carp is 10-15 years.

We suggest stocking 5-9 grass carp per acre